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True Contemplation is a free beautiful elegant blogger XML template based on a Douglas Bowman’s classic template, i.e. Minima Black. It has 3 columns (and one footer section) that is still minimalist. All of these columns are ready to widgetize. The basic color is grey, but you can easily change most of the colors and fonts through your Blogger dashboard.

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The header is flexible. You can change the beautiful header image to anything you want without any coding.

If you want to use your own image for the header, the image width has to be 512 pixels with 296 pixels height. All you need is then just go to your the Layout > Page Elements > Header Edit tab.

Last but not least, the minimalist “Read more…” expandable posts link keeping the representative picture is available to shorten posts.

To view this template in use, click here. To download the template (xml file) fully, click here.

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Satu respons untuk “Blogger Template: True Contemplation

    dequant said:
    14 Desember 2008 pukul 17:43

    Thank you! As you can see I’ve modified it a bit, but left te main concept of your template.

    Thank you for your advice. I’m not so good editing blogger templates, to change the height of the main title, I had to try & pray.

    Thanks Again!

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