Blogger Template: Cellar Heat Dark Uncontrast

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I saw a beautiful elegant template last week. The name is Cellar Heat Premium Blogger Template. It is an adaptation of Cellar Heat Dark WordPress theme.

Cellar Heat WordPress theme is originally created by Evan Eckard. The design of this theme focuses on patterns and typography. It is designed especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. Since November 13, 2008, it has been available for Blogger, especially for MagzNetwork readers.

I like this template so much, that I decide to use it for one of my blogs. However, this is rather contrastive in my view. I, therefore, make some modifications. Here is the result: Cellar Heat Dark Uncontrast.

Cellar Heat Dark Uncontrast in use

You may view this template in use here or download it here. By downloading and using this template, you agree to the following terms:

  • You may NOT resell this theme
  • A link back to Evan Eckard, Smashing Magazine, MagzNetwork, and M Shodiq Mustika must be retained in the footer (either modified or unmodified)
  • You may use this theme for personal or commercial projects
  • You may modify, translate or distribute. Don’t forget to contact Evan Eckard and Smashing Magazine

Please read the instruction carefully if you don’t want to get any problems.


  1. Download and extract the zip file.
  2. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  3. Go to Layout > Edit HTML
  4. Upload XML Template file (DO NOT copy and paste the code directly to template editor box)
  5. Find this code:

    #post-one img {
    #post-one a img {
    border:2px solid #000000;

    and change that into this code:

    #post-one img {
    margin:7px 4px 8px 4px;
    #post-one a img {
    border:2px solid #89876E;

  6. PLEASE DO NOT PREVIEW YOUR BLOG. Go to Layout > Page Element
  7. Edit “Top Menu” widget. Add at least one link, for example you can make a link to your blog homepage with “Home” anchor text
  8. Edit “Recent Posts” widget. Change Feed URL to
  9. Go to Settings > Formatting, choose TIMESTAMP FORMAT style: “Wednesday, Januari 30, 2008″
  10. Finish. Preview your blog to see the result.

3 respons untuk ‘Blogger Template: Cellar Heat Dark Uncontrast

    dequant said:
    14 Desember 2008 pukul 17:45

    Thank you! I used youre “TRUE CONTEMPLATION” theme on my blog.

    As you can see I’ve modified it a bit, but left te main concept of your template.

    Thank you for your advice. I’m not so good editing blogger templates, to change the height of the main title, I had to try & pray.

    Thanks Again! said:
    6 Mei 2012 pukul 13:15

    wowkeren nih. aku pake yang light-nya. said:
    6 Mei 2012 pukul 13:32

    great template I truly like it

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