Lowongan Pekerjaan Proyek ADB Bank (S1/S2, 21 Desember 2009)

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Title: Project Implementation Officer (Infrastructure)
Department/Division: Indonesia Resident Mission

To assist primarily in developing and expanding ADB’s operations in the sectors covering major infrastructure, including multi-modal transport, energy, and water supply and sanitation, with inputs to other infrastructure sectors as required. In particular, the tasks will focus on medium-term planning, strategy development, sector diagnostics, due diligence and project preparation and administration.


Provides overall support to developing and expanding ADB’s operational program in Indonesia’s infrastructure sectors, including sector assessments/planning, loan and technical assistance (TA) processing, and acts as the National Officer-focal point for liaison with the Government and other development partners in selected infrastructure sectors.

Participates in dialogue with the Government on infrastructure policy, regulatory and institutional reforms; and, engages in monitoring recent developments on policy, legal, regulatory and institutional developments in all infrastructure sectors.

Assist in the administration of the Project Development Facility and other infrastructure-related TAs and loans.

Undertakes analytical assessments on assigned sectoral and thematic areas, including preparation of brief policy and sector notes.

Takes responsibility for implementation and administration of the related sector projects that are delegated to IRM.

Analyzes progress of projects, tracks key actions on procurement and disbursement, and leads or participates in project implementation reviews.

Collates, compiles, and analyzes statistics and background information for the preparation of Annual/Quarterly Portfolio Review reports, the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) and updates lending and non-lending products.

Designs and maintains a database for monitoring milestone events and prepares progress reports of ADB loan projects and technical assistance.

Assists staff in headquarters with related sectoral issues and administration of non-delegated projects in the concerned sectors.

Liaises and collaborates with other agencies to keep IRM and headquarters updated on the latest developments in the sector.


Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Engineering, Management, Economics or related fields of expertise; Master’s degree an advantage.


Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level.

At least 5 years relevant experience in project management, research, procurement; related experience in international agencies will be an advantage.

Excellent writing and speaking skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Good computer skills covering word processing and spreadsheets, and preferably with knowledge of data management and graphics software.

Good interpersonal skills in multicultural team environment.

Familiarity with local institutions.


Technical Knowledge and Skills
– Can give help and advice to others based on their specialist area of knowledge and skills
– Uses technical knowledge and skills to complete complex work
– Uses technical knowledge and skills to improve work systems

Client Orientation
– Works to meet needs of clients according to ADB policy
– Communicates often with clients and seeks to understand and anticipate their needs
– Adapts own style to suit client preferences

Achieving Results
– Find ways to reduce time and cost of completing work
– Monitors work and progress and makes improvements
– Works with others to overcome problems and find alternative ways to complete work when necessary

Working Together
– Provides practical support and encouragement for team members
– Encourages team members to work together and benefit from diversity in different views, culture, nationality, and gender
– Sets priorities for the team and ensures they are followed through

Learning and Knowledge Sharing
– Learns new skills and knowledge and applies them
– Continuously finds new solutions to problems
– Leads the team in sharing knowledge and expertise


Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Infrastructure Specialists, IRM


The Asian Development Bank’s vision is a region free of poverty. Established in 1966 and headquartered in Manila, Philippines, ADB’s multicultural staff come from over 50 member countries. The advertised position is a local staff position with a local remuneration package. It is open only to persons who are nationals and residents of Indonesia. While the position advertised is for Indonesia Resident Mission (IRM), ADB staff must be prepared to serve in any location outside the Resident Mission at the discretion of Management.

Interested applicants should quote Ref. No. EXT-NO-09-003-IRM and job title and submit their curriculum vitae not later than 21 December 2009 to:

Country Director
Gedung BRI II, 7th Floor
JI, Jend Sudirman Kav. 44-46
Jakarta 10210, Indonesia
P.O. Box 99, JKPSA, Jakarta Pusat , Indonesia
Fax: +62 21 251-2749
E-mail: adbirm@adb.org

An electronic application form is available at http://www.adb.org/Employment/PHF-ADB-Application-RM.xls

Applications lacking the job reference number and job title or using the wrong e-mail address will not be considered.


2 respons untuk ‘Lowongan Pekerjaan Proyek ADB Bank (S1/S2, 21 Desember 2009)

    ferdinandus y.p. atolan said:
    11 Desember 2009 pukul 11:54

    thanks for ADB. i wanna to ask one question for ADB….”why does ADB’s project in NTT provinci especially in DBEP DG not be continued ?
    this couse, our school based manajement in NTT must be developed.

    ferdinandus y.p. atolan said:
    11 Desember 2009 pukul 14:07

    Dear Managers and Colleagues,

    As many of you probably know, this month is my last working day at [desentralized basic education project (DBEP ) ducth grant in NTT province] . But before I leave, I would like to take a moment to remember and cherish our times together. It’s been great knowing each one of you. Even though I will miss you all here, I am looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase of my career.
    I have been extremely satisfied working with [PT. MLD & Associated in TTU district] , working here has been a learning and an enjoyable experience. I thank you all for your support and encouragement during these past two years.

    With all of you, I have shared a unique camaraderie which I hope will continue in the years to come even though I shall not be here with [DBEP DG (PT. MLD)] anymore.

    This is not a goodbye, only “see you later”. Do stay in touch. You may contact me at my personal email: [eddy_atolan@yahoo.com]

    Please accept my sincere apology for any mistakes I made during my employment at [DBEP DG (PT. MLD)] . I do wish you all and the company every success in future endeavors.

    Sincerely Yours,

    [ferdinandus y.p. atolan]

    Personal Details
    Full Name : ferdinandus y.p. atolan
    Sex : male
    Place, Date of Birth : sitrua, february 7, 1981
    Nationality : Indonesia
    Marital Status : Single
    Health : Perfect
    Religion : catholic
    Address : Jl. Sonbay, RT. 006 / RW. 005, Kelurahan Kefa tengah, kecamatan kota kefamenanu, district of TTU, province of NTT. 85613
    Mobile : 0852 393 23787
    Phone :
    E-mail : eddy_atolan@yahoo.com

    Educational Background
    1988 – 1993 : Catholic Elementary School of Kaputu
    1993 – 1996 : Catholic Junior High School of St. yustus liurai fatubesi kaputu
    1996 – 2000 : Seminary of Imaculata Senior High School, Lalian Atambua
    2001 – 2006 : Philosophy Department at the University of Widya Mandira Kupang

    Course & Education
    2004 : Computer & Internet Course at Puskom widya mandira, Kupang
    2005 : English Language Course at Widya Mandira university, Kupang

    Working Experience
    Working at :
    1. Commision of truth and peace in Kupang
    Period : March 2006 – December 2007
    Purpose : Permanently working
    Position : publish and communication staff
    2. Commision of truth and friendship Indonesia – Republic of Timor Leste
    Period : January 2007 – Mei 2007
    Purpose : contractly working
    position : Field staff
    3. PT. Madika Kupang
    Period : Mei 2007 – Desember 2007
    Purpose : permanently working
    Position : journalist
    3. PT. MLD & Assosiate in DBEP Dutch Grant at TTU District
    Period : February 2008 – Desember 2009
    Purpose : Contractly working
    Position : Area Coordinator for Field Facilitator School Basic Manajement

    Job’s Description :
    – Project’s data updating;
    – Expatriates documentation filling & follow u
    – Appointment arrangement;
    – Filling and data updating;
    – Arranged of business trip schedule;
    – Meeting progress arrangement;
    – Procurement filling, inventory control,
    – Preparing for breakdown statement for the project,
    – Correspondences, and preparing for the presentation materials;
    – Issuing invoice & receipt for school;
    – Inventory Controller

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