Miss Indonesia 2009 anggota sekte sesat yang terlibat pelecehan seksual?

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Karenina Sunny HalimKalau berita ini benar, maka ini sungguh menghebohkan. Bila berita ini benar, kita “kecolongan” karena membiarkan anggota sekte sesat yang terlibat pelecehan seksual terpilih menjadi Miss Indonesia 2009. Bagaimana ini?

Miss Indonesia 2009 Diduga Terlibat Sekte Sesat

Jumat, 11/12/2009 16:37 WIB
Han Kristi – detikhot

Jakarta Miss Indonesia 2009 Karenina Sunny Halim yang tengah mengikuti ajang Miss World di Afrika Selatan terkena gosip miring. Karenina diduga terlibat sebuah sekte sesat.

Adalah sebuah media di Afrika Selatan bernama Mail & Guardian yang melempar gosip tersebut. ‘Miss Indonesia’s links to religious cult,’ itulah judul berita Mail & Guardian.

Dugaan Mail & Guardian itu muncul gara-gara pernyataan Karenina di sebuah majalah terbitan Jakarta. Dalam majalah itu Karenina menyebutkan kalau dirinya adalah anggota dari The Family International.

Detikhot kutip dari Mail & Guardian, Jumat (11/12/2009), The Family International merupakan bentuk modern dari The Children of God. The Children of God merupakan sebuah sekte yang didirikan pada 1968.

Sekte tersebut kemudian dilarang karena banyaknya kejahatan yang dilakukan. Kejahatan itu di antaranya, prostitusi, pelecehan seks pada anak dan penculikan. Kejahatan tersebut terjadi di Argentina, Prancis dan Spanyol. Pada 1990, dilakukan penyelidikan pada The Children of God.

Jumat (11/12/2009) saat detikhot mencoba mengonfirmasi pada Karenina, ia belum bisa dihubungi. Perempuan berdarah Amerika Serikat itu, tengah mengikuti rangkaian kegiatan Miss World sehingga tidak bisa diganggu. Ati, pihak FMN (manajemen MNC, manajemen yang menaungi Kareninan-red), berjanji akan segera memberi kabar jika dirinya sudah bisa menghubungi dara 23 tahun itu.

Sekadar informasi, Final Miss World 2009 akan digelar di Johannesburg, Afrika Selatan, 12 Desember 2009 besok.(eny/eny)

Miss Indonesia’s links to religious cult

Mail & Guardian – http://www.mg.co.za/

The grimace-smiles through which Miss World contestants usually force out their platitudes about helping the little children of the planet will have a more sinister resonance when the pageant gets under way at the Gallagher Convention Centre
on Saturday.

One of the contestants belongs to an organisation directly linked to an American religious cult with a litany of child and sexual abuse scandals clouding its past.

Following her national coronation, Miss Indonesia, 23-year-old Kerenina Sunny Halim, admitted to the Jakarta Globe that she is a member of The Family International, a “non-governmental-organisation” for which she did humanitarian work in Aceh after the Asian tsunami in 2004. Halim, whose American mother and Indonesian father were members, was born into the organisation.

The Family International is the modern day spawn of The Children of God — and admits as much on its website. The name was changed in the 1980s after negative publicity forced it “underground”.

Founded in California in 1968 by David Brandt Berg, The Children of God was a counter-culture evangelical group with a foundation of biblical fundamentalism — and bonking.

Berg, who was also addressed as “Moses”, “Chairman Mo” or “Dad”, preached free love to his followers, to the extent that females were encouraged to go into the world and engage in “flirty-fishing” of men: essentially to use sex to proselytise.

Perry Bulwer, a Canadian lawyer and blogger who “escaped” the cult in 1991, described the now deceased Berg to the Mail & Guardian as “a self-professed prophet who was an alcoholic, incestuous, paedophile”.

During the 1990s the group, which sets up large communes for families to live together, was investigated for prostitution, child abuse and kidnapping in countries such as Argentina, France and Spain, with some members jailed briefly.

Thomas Bergstrom of Family Care, the Indonesian arm of The Family International, said Berg’s sexual-healing approach to lost souls was “ancient history” and that while “there have been allegations, these were all proven untrue in court”.

“Some members may have done things that maybe they shouldn’t have, but that is like any other family, or group or company,” said Bergstrom who pointed to the Catholic Church’s perennial child abuse scandals by way of example.

Bergstrom said Halim should be judged “as any other individual who is associated with a church … I know her parents and they are wonderful people and I couldn’t find anything negative to say about them.”

But allegations of child abuse have dogged the cult.

Berg is alleged to have written religious tracts for followers promoting sexual contact between children and adults. In 1982 the cult released a how-to parenting guide, The Davidito Book. Written by one of the several topless nannies who tended to Ricky Rodriguez — Berg’s stepson, son of his second wife (Karen Zerby, aka Queen or Mama Maria, who now leads the organisation) — it has Ricky, then a toddler, as its main subject.

Rodriguez committed suicide in 2005 after stabbing Angela Smith, another former nanny, to death. According to the New York Times, which was sent “several pages” of The Davidito Book after the murder-suicide, there were pictures and pages where “the toddler Ricky is described or else pictured as watching intercourse and orgies, fondling his nannies’ breasts and having his genitals fondled. All that is recounted in a tone of amusement and delight.”

Ex-members have, on various internet forums, blamed the cult’s unconventional lifestyle for the high incidence of suicide among children who grew up then left the cult.

The Children of God changed these child-rearing guidelines in 1986 with the threat of excommunication for anyone found having sexual contact with minors. Following Rodriguez’s suicide, The Family sent out “purge notices” to members detailing which cult literature and pages of The Davidito Book to excise or destroy.

At Berg’s behest, cult members spread around the world in the early 1970s after the organisation was accused by the New York State attorney general of tax evasion, rape, polygamy, draft dodging, incest and kidnapping. The Family now operates in countries around the world and as Family Africa in South Africa.

The Miss World press office refused to allow the M&G access to Miss Indonesia or to forward to her questions relating to this story.

A spokesperson, who refused to be named, said: “Miss World neither inquires, nor comments, on the religious or political affiliations of its contestants.”

When pressed on whether this procedure would be followed if a contestant was, hypothetically, involved in genocide or war crimes, the spokesperson said again that “Miss World neither inquires, nor comments, on the religious or political affiliations of its contestants”.

Just goes to show, anyone can grow up to be Miss World.


15 respons untuk ‘Miss Indonesia 2009 anggota sekte sesat yang terlibat pelecehan seksual?

    .azahra......... said:
    11 Desember 2009 pukul 21:09

    gila RI bisa kecolongan gtu c?

    Taufik said:
    11 Desember 2009 pukul 23:56

    ikut aliran aq aj

    azan said:
    12 Desember 2009 pukul 09:23

    jelas saja, ajang peilihan miss universe itu kan taktik zionis freemason utk menghancurkan tatanan budaya timur khususnya islam,,

      indra hendriana said:
      15 Desember 2009 pukul 16:58

      ajang miss universe itu bagus untuk promosi indonesia,lagian biasa aja lagi liat aja di pinggir jalan banyak p[enjual majalah yang berbau porno,atau yang lebih parah film porno

    rezesis said:
    12 Desember 2009 pukul 10:03

    @azan__betul thu,.
    klo aliran sesat gtu koq masi da juri yang mau berminat buat polling namanya,..klo aku uda tak kasih jempol down,…tolong buat pemiihan selanjutnya dipilih berdasarkan perhitungan yang matang,…jangan asal cabut az,..emang kayak dikebun,..heheheh

    Paul said:
    12 Desember 2009 pukul 10:36

    Gw seh dah sempet curiga waktu doi ngaku punya 6 gelar diploma tapi kaga perna keluar rumah sampe bhs indonesianya ga lancar. Gw liat di website skolahnya, http://www.cvacademy.net/certificates/info, tuh diploma kaga ada akreditasinya trus sekolahnyapun milik aliran sesat. Kasian dech kontestan yang sekolah bagus2…harusnya mereka yang terpilih..

    tjappLien said:
    12 Desember 2009 pukul 14:59

    wew,,, kok bisa kecolognan gitu ya ??? wah, wah, wah,

    Agung F said:
    13 Desember 2009 pukul 18:46


    penuai said:
    14 Desember 2009 pukul 18:34

    wahhhh sekte apa yachh itu ???


    hakeem said:
    16 Desember 2009 pukul 10:24

    hehehe… aliran apa yang tidak sesat ya?
    dari pertama gue lahir ke bumi, rasanya gue udah tersesat banget,kmudian belajar mengenal dan mengingat,mempelajari kebiasaan hidup di bumi ini.

    definisi sesat sangat luas…aku tidak mengenal miss indonesia ini secara pribadi,tapi gue yakin, siapa sich manusia yang rela di sudutkan dg argumen orang yang belum mengenal secara pribadi. dia bukan adik gue,bukan sahabat,bukan family gue,terlebih lagi,dia juga tidak pernah menganngu gue,biarlah yang Maha Mangatur, menata jalannya khidupan masing2 ciptaanNya.

    DIA lebih Maha Tahu dari segala yang merasa Tahu.

      Anna said:
      5 September 2010 pukul 14:43

      benar sekali

    MALA said:
    16 Desember 2009 pukul 15:25

    waduuh gawat donk lw di beritakan seperti itu ……….

    MALA said:
    16 Desember 2009 pukul 15:27

    mudaah2an itu cuma gosip aja,lw bnr bs malu donk kita….!!!!

    logan JW said:
    19 Desember 2009 pukul 12:45

    ahhh..lebayyy aja, karen nya sendiri paling ngomongny asal…dia mana tau apa itu “the children of god”..
    karen sini donk ‘isep-isep’

    Anna said:
    5 September 2010 pukul 14:41

    emang aliran itu ada, tapi kan baru sekedar gosip miring… belum tau kebenarannya… semakin tinggi pohon, semakin kuat anginnya… semangat buat Karenina

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